Seven Sided Records is a record label and multi-faceted music company.

Seven Sided Records was founded in 2003 and is based out of North Aurora, Illinois (35 miles west of downtown Chicago). The company operates two studios and offers production from start to finish on audio, video, web services, duplication, merchandise, and packaging.


Our Team:

Justin Birchard
Owner / Project Management / Lead Engineer / Producer / Pressman / Designer / Licensing / Multi-instrumentalist / Songwriter

Jeff Goluszka
Owner / Project Management / Engineer / Drummer / Percussionist

Chris Shern
Owner / Lead Videographer / Engineer / Producer / Artist Management / Licensing / Vocalist / Songwriter

Official Roster:

Steph Yeager
Soulful Folk from Montana/Illinois

Chris Darby
Intimate Folk from rural Missouri

Invisible Cartoons
Motown Folk Rock from Villa Park, IL

Facing Winter
Indie Rock from North Aurora

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